Dental Cleanings & Exams (Preventative)

At Middletown Dental, we emphasize preventive dentistry because it is the best course to keep your smile healthy for life. Through prevention, you save time and dental care costs by lowering your risks for time-consuming and more invasive treatments later.

Your dentist in Middletown, NJ follows guidelines put forward by the American Dental Association (ADA). These recommendations include twice yearly:

  • Dental checkups
  • Dental x-rays as needed
  • Professional teeth cleanings

We also offer fluoride treatments and sealants as necessary. These treatments lower your risks for cavities while strengthening your teeth against fractures. These therapies can be effective at any age, but they are especially useful in children who may be more prone to tooth decay.

Remember, if you have specific oral health conditions like gingivitis or periodontal disease, your dentist may customize your treatment schedule accordingly.

Here’s What to Expect at Your Preventive Exam

Your dentist in Middletown makes sure you’re relaxed and comfortable before your dental exam. After a thorough checkup, we may suggest x-rays to look beneath the surface, rooting out emerging cavities and conditions that are not visible to the naked eye. Your dentist also provides an oral cancer screening and compares oral health changes between visits.

After your exam, your dentist discusses all findings with you and may suggest specific treatments, nutritional changes, and provide oral health tips for home. We also take the time to answer any questions that you may have.

Professional Teeth Cleanings in Middletown, NJ

Professional teeth cleanings rid your teeth and gums of the debris your toothbrush and floss leave behind. This treatment lowers your risks for cavities, gum disease, and even tooth loss.

Your hygienist can also provide brushing and flossing tips to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy between cleanings.

At-Home Preventive Dental Care

Proactive care is a three-way undertaking that includes your dentist in 07748, your hygienist, and you. For our part, we will diligently care for your smile. In the meantime, you should brush and floss your teeth at least twice per day—spending at least two minutes to clean every tooth on all sides to the gums.

If you indulge in sugary treats or acidic beverages, we recommend a third brushing and flossing session. And it’s important to never go to bed without a clean mouth! You do not want acid and bacteria depleting your enamel as you sleep.

If you have a specific dental health condition, your dentist may recommend a more customized at-home regimen.

Of course, we always want to hear from you if you notice changes to your teeth, gums, or soft tissues between dental checkups and cleanings.

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