Emergency Services in Middletown, NJ

Dental emergencies are stressful, inconvenient, and can sometimes feel overwhelming. Because they tend to strike when you're least expecting it, you might experience a whirlwind of emotions alongside your dental emergency. This is entirely normal and is nothing to be ashamed of—but it's vital to put aside your feelings long enough to make a quick phone call to your Middletown emergency dentist. 

After you've attended to any immediate disasters, such as stopping the bleeding on a dental wound, the first thing you should do is contact our dental office. While you may feel overwhelmed and afraid, the good news is that your team at Middletown Dental is here for you.

Whether you are a long-standing patient of record or brand new to our dental office, please give us a call if you are experiencing dental sensitivity, pain, or any other emergency. With convenient morning, evening, and weekend hours, Dr. Sukumar and Dr. Conti make every effort to see emergency dentistry patients as soon as possible. You can reach us at any time of day at (732) 495-4444.

Below, we'll talk more about common emergency dentistry situations, what to expect, and how you can handle them. 

Dental Emergencies to Watch Out For in Middletown

Common Types of Dental Injuries

Common Dental Emergencies in Middletown

Emergencies tend to happen when we least expect them. At Middletown Dental, we regularly treat dental emergencies in Middletown, NJ that took our patients by surprise. 

While you can't prevent or foresee every problem with your teeth, you can be better prepared by keeping your guard up during certain situations:

Emergencies While Playing Sports 

You probably know that activities like football, boxing, and hockey are notorious for causing knocked out, or "avulsed," teeth. But tooth-related injuries regularly happen in all sorts of athletic situations, not just during contact sports. image of x-rays with a night guard

Any time you're moving around with inanimate objects and other people, you run the risk of sustaining a dental injury. Teeth even get knocked out from simple games like tag and capture the flag!  

When you're playing sports, you can mitigate your chances of cracking or knocking out a tooth by wearing a mouthguard. Our Middletown emergency dentist can fit you for a custom mouthguard the next time you are in our dental office. 

Emergencies While Driving a Car

While you probably tend to associate auto accidents with head injuries or broken arms, car crashes are also one of the leading causes of dental injuries and facial damage. 

Severe auto collisions can lead to both direct and indirect dental injuries, including crushed, fractured, and avulsed teeth. Because many patients tend to feel adrenalized and shocked after a car accident, they don't even think to check their teeth or realize they are hurt. 

If you're involved in a car accident, examine your smile after you and your vehicle are safe—even if you don't remember hitting your head on anything. The faster you get treatment for your injuries, the better our odds are of saving your teeth. 

Emergencies While Snacking or Eating a Meal

Imagine sitting down to indulge in a homemade meal or having a slice of your favorite dessert, only to bite down and discover, with horror, that you've broken a tooth.

This unfortunate situation happens more often than you might think, with everything from steak to caramel brownies to gummy candies to blame. Hard, sticky, chewy, and crunchy foods can all damage teeth without warning! 

If part of your tooth breaks off while you're eating, salvage as much of the tooth as you can. Gather up any broken pieces you can find, but make sure to avoid touching the root. Then, contact our Middletown, NJ emergency dentist for instructions on what to do next. 

Common Types of Dental Injuries

Severe dental emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. Typically, if you're experiencing excruciating dental pain or sensitivity, you've got a dental emergency on your hands.

A Broken or Lost Dental Restoration

If you have an old filling or tooth crown break or fall out, you will need to replace or repair it to prevent further damage and to keep your tooth safe from infection. 

woman holding her jaw in painWhile not every broken dental restoration needs immediate attention, we encourage you to contact our Middletown emergency dentist so we can assess your situation to determine when we need to see you. If you're in severe pain or the tooth underneath your restoration looks dirty or infected, we'll schedule you to come in right away. 

Injury to Your Soft Tissue

Sometimes, dental emergencies in Middletown don't involve teeth at all. Instead, you might injure your lips, gums, or the inside of your cheeks. 

When you sustain a soft tissue injury, there tends to be a lot of blood. The first step is to stop the bleeding using light pressure. Then give Middletown Dental a call for further instructions.

A Knocked-Out Tooth

Losing a tooth is a stressful situation. When your tooth gets knocked out, time is of the essence because we're more likely to save your tooth when we treat you almost immediately after the injury. 

Be sure to contact us right away, and be cautious when moving your tooth and bringing it to our office. Touch it as little as possible, avoid the roots entirely, and try to put the tooth back into its socket if possible. If not, place the tooth in milk, which will help the tooth stay alive and moist during transport.

Pain or Toothache 

If you're experiencing constant dental pain or a severe toothache in 07748, contact our dental office right away.

Toothache indicates a dental infection, which won't subside without treatment. If you ignore the symptoms, they're likely to get worse and could even cause future tooth loss. When you're proactive about seeking treatment for your dental infection, we can often save the tooth with root canal therapy

Broken and Chipped Teeth

If your tooth breaks, please gather up the pieces and bring them with you to Middletown Dental. Dr. Sukumar will determine the best treatment for your tooth and get you feeling comfortable again. We will most likely use a dental crown or composite resin material to bond your tooth back together.

If your tooth is chipped, give us a call. Small chips may not require immediate attention, but we should still smooth them down to prevent irritation to your tongue and other soft tissues. 

We Provide Treatment for Dental Emergencies in Middletown, NJ

The next time you sustain a dental emergency, you can take comfort in knowing that you don't have to face it alone. 

At Middletown Dental, we provide quality emergency dentistry treatment for both new and existing patients. Whether we've seen you dozens of times or you're brand new to our dental office, we can still help alleviate your pain and treat your oral injuries.

If you're concerned about paying for your emergency dental treatment in Middletown, we invite you to call us for assistance. We accept CareCredit financing and many other payment options to make paying for emergency care as convenient as possible. We also welcome patients from surrounding areas, including New Monmouth, Middletown, Belford, Leonardo, Keyport & Union Beach.

If you need an emergency dentist in Middletown or one of our neighboring communities, don't hesitate to call Dr. Pradeep Sukumar or Dr. Robert Conti at (732) 495-4444 today.