Crowns and Bridges in Middletown, NJ

dental crown | middletown dental | middletown njIt is our hope at Middletown Dental that with consistent preventive care we can help you avoid many dental issues that may require restorative dentistry. That being said, sometimes maintaining your oral health means repairing a tooth. If you find yourself in this situation, you can rest assured that Dr. Sukumar uses the finest materials and works with the best dental laboratories in the area to ensure you receive high quality and aesthetically pleasing restorations.

When Do I Need a Crown?

A crown becomes necessary when your tooth sustains trauma, a fracture, or decay that is more than what a dental filling can repair. A crown is designed to replace your entire tooth structure with a porcelain restoration customized to match both the form and aesthetics of your natural tooth. With your new tooth, you’ll be able to enjoy eating, chewing, brushing, and flossing as you did before, and because of its natural appearance, no one will ever notice your dental work.

At Middletown Dental, a crown usually takes two appointments to complete. Dr. Sukumar will prepare your tooth for your crown during the first appointment, and you’ll leave with a temporary crown to wear while your final restoration is being crafted at the dental laboratory. You’ll return in 1-2 weeks to have your final crown permanently placed after it’s been completed at the lab. Dr. Sukumar ensures that your crown fits properly with your bite and makes any necessary adjustments before permanently placing your new crown.

What is a Dental Bridge?

Patients who are missing one or more adjacent teeth may benefit from a dental bridge. This is a fixed appliance that uses your healthy teeth to support dental crowns that act as anchors for prosthetic teeth. Again, Dr. Sukumar will customize your bridge to match your teeth so that it naturally complements your smile. Properly brushing and cleaning your anchor teeth is important to give your bridge better bridge | middletown dental | middletown nj

Dental implants can be utilized to support a bridge, which offers a more secure fit and even better longevity. Using dental implants will protect the integrity of your healthy teeth, as the implants can act as the anchor teeth for your bridge. Implants help to keep your bone healthy, which gives you better longevity for your bridge.

Want to Learn More About Your Options?

Sometimes, when we’re repairing a tooth, there are multiple options to choose from. Dr. Sukumar will take the time to explain all of your options so you can select the treatment that best meets your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

If you have a tooth in need of repair, be sure not delay your treatment as this can lead to more damage or pain to your tooth. Contact Middletown Dental today to learn more about your options.