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DIY Braces Are a Bad Idea - Here's Why

June 19, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Pradeep Sukumar
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Are your teeth crooked? Perhaps they overlap? If the alignment of your teeth causes you to feel dissatisfied about the appearance of your smile, there are a few excellent orthodontic treatment options that can help you achieve a straighter, more beautiful smile. Trying to align your teeth on your own with do-it-yourself braces is not one of these options. Here's what you should know about orthodontic treatment.

A Disturbing New Trend

Some people, mostly younger kids or adolescents are attempting to straighten their teeth on their own with items such as paper clips, rubber bands, or aluminum foil. This is extremely dangerous for your teeth and oral health.

For example, say you use a rubber band to pull your front teeth together and close a gap. What if the rubber band irritates your gums and causes an infection? Or perhaps the rubber band affects the roots of your teeth, which could result in tooth loss? You may end up having to pay thousands of dollars to replace a missing tooth.

What You Should Understand About Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment should begin with panoramic x-rays. This is an x-ray that shows a full view of your teeth, jawbone, and roots. It is essential to monitor the health of your roots during orthodontic treatment because moving teeth can cause them to resorb, or shorten, which affects the health of your teeth.

Orthodontic treatment should be monitored by your provider to ensure the health of your teeth throughout your treatment and to ensure that your teeth are moving as they should. This is why you will have checkups and adjustments with your dentist every few weeks during your orthodontic treatment.

Besides straightening your teeth with traditional brackets and wires, there are also options for aligning your teeth with clear plastic aligners from Invisalign. With all of these great options available, there's no reason to try and straighten your teeth on your own.

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