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Dr. Pradeep Sukumar, DMD, MPH

What to Expect During Your Wisdom Teeth Extraction

November 3, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Pradeep Sukumar

Our dentists recommend that most people have their wisdom teeth removed. This type of extraction is common and nothing to stress about, especially when the experienced dental team at Middletown Dental takes care of you. Here's what you can expect during your tooth removal procedure.

Preparing for Tooth Extraction

Our dentists use state-of-the-art 3-D imaging to locate your tooth roots and plan ahead for your wisdom tooth extraction in Middletown, NJ. 3-D images help the procedure go smoothly and ensure we achieve the best outcomes for our patients. 

Your comfort is always our top priority. So our dentists use "the wand," which is computer-aided technology for comfortable and pain-free delivery of dental anesthetics that ensures you don't feel a thing during your extraction procedure.

You shouldn't feel anything more than slight pressure during your procedure as our dentists remove your wisdom teeth. Our dentists complete most standard wisdom tooth extractions in under two hours. However, if you have a more complex case, they may refer you to an oral surgeon for your procedure.

Smooth Recovery from a Tooth Extraction

Our team is here to support you through each step of your wisdom tooth extraction, including your recovery. Some quick tips for a smooth recovery are:

  • Stick to soft foods the first couple of days after your surgery
  • No smoking or drinking from a straw for at least 72 hours after surgery to help keep your blood clot intact
  • Plan on resting and having minimal activity for at least 48 hours after surgery
  • Use pain medication as needed

Our dentists will send you home with comprehensive instructions on how to take care of yourself after your extraction procedure. Don't hesitate to call our Middletown dental office if you have questions or concerns about anything during your recovery.

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