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Why Glo Science Is the Best Whitening Option for You

December 29, 2020
Posted By: Middletown Dental
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For many of us, our morning (or all-day) cups of coffee, glasses of wine, and even sodas can start to take a toll on our smiles. If you've looked at your smile recently and noticed it was looking a bit dull or even yellow, we can help spruce up your teeth and melt the years off.

Cosmetic dentistry in Middletown, NJ is designed to treat any mild to moderate smile flaws you may have. GLO Science is a professional whitening treatment that can easily and quickly brighten your smile. 

Store-Brands Can Cause Sensitive Teeth

A walk through your nearest grocery store or pharmacy will reveal hundreds of tooth-whitening gels, strips, trays, and polishing treatments that all promise Hollywood-caliper perfection. However, many store brands often waste your time, energy, and money. 

One of the biggest complaints we hear about teeth whitening store brands is gum irritation and tooth sensitivity. This often occurs because store brands are not customized to fit your teeth, which can allow bleaching gel to leak out and damage your teeth and gums. GLO whitening gel remains on your enamel and won't leak onto your gums, and since it is designed to be free of peroxide and alcohol, it won't cause discomfort or sensitivity. 

In addition, over-the-counter products are less efficient and could also lead to enamel deterioration. Products that claim to polish your teeth and remove stains often contain abrasive ingredients that erode your enamel—making your teeth appear even more yellow than when you started!

Professional Teeth Whitening Has Reliable Results

Store brands can often appear splotchy and uneven, especially if you have a lot of plaque build-up. At Middletown Dental, we may recommend a dental cleaning before the whitening application to ensure an even, uniform appearance. 

Only professional-grade teeth whitening treatments can consistently create desired results, while store brands may require multiple applications to get a fraction of a professional look. Additionally, strips often have limited coverage, only brightening the front teeth. GLO teeth whitening can whiten as far back as you wish, so there's no difference between any teeth.

Finally, strips can often take a chunk out of your day to whiten your smile, with some brands needing hours of wear time. GLO professional teeth whitening in Middletown, NJ can be done in minutes, saving you time and effort. 

We Think You Will Enjoy the Difference

If you're interested in consistent and fast results, give us a call today to schedule your GLO appointment. Teeth whitening in Middletown, NJ is more accessible than you might think!

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